Science & Art Fuse in ‘Quantum Ceramics’, Knight Webb Gallery, March 17th – April 8th

‘From an early age, growing up in Jerusalem I had a strong affinity with ceramics; from the abundant shards of pots from local archeology’ – Nadav Drukker

QUANTUM CERAMICS is the first solo exhibition of ceramic works by Theoretical Physicist Nadav Drukker at Knight Webb Gallery, Brixton.

Nadav walks past my gallery most days on his way to Brixton market. Over the past few years I have begun to get to know this strange scientist who makes ceramic vessels at his home studio, which I have visited now on a number of occasions. Alongside his pottery, Nadav has an alter ego as Dr Drukker, leading a research team at Kings College London. He creates the objects and vessels in clay as a means to communicate his research in String Theory & Supersymmetric Field Theories.

Working with Nadav has been very different to working with artists from a typical studio and art school background. It has given me the opportunity to observe the cautious attention to detail and meticulous decisions his theoretical work demands, albeit without total understanding of what he is describing at times. Nadav’s research and academic mindset can be observed in all facets of the exhibition, down to the actual pricing of the artwork itself. Nadav has created an algorithm taking into consideration height, width, depth, gilding, material and inlay of each of his ceramic works to generate the final price of each piece.

‘Quantum Ceramics’ explores each of Drukker’s specific areas of scientific practice in String Theory: ‘Circle’, ‘Cusp’, ‘Index’, ‘Polygons’, ‘Cut’, and ‘Defect’. There is an unusual synchronicity connecting Drukker’s ceramic and theoretical programs.
‘There is a beauty and creativity in ‘String Theory’ and ‘Super Symmetry’ which is hard to convey to a non-scientific audience. Although people think it’s the ceramics that are the creative thing here, the research that we do is much more creative. In making the pots, I want to mirror the creativity of my research and make objects which are related to the physics.

As I started transcribing my calculations on clay, I realised that the process itself was not a mere reflection of my research, but was influencing it. I revisited old notes and learned new things from reexamining them. I also spent time trying to find ways to distill my work into a form that is visually appealing.’ – Nadav Drukker

Nadav studied Maths and Physics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem before gaining a PHD from Princeton University. He has since held a number of research positions at a number of top universities and developed an interest in ceramics as a means of communicating his research and engaging a wider audience with science and the boundaries between science and art.


QUANTUM CERAMICS will be on show at Knight Webb Gallery from 17th March – 8th April 2017.
Knight Webb Gallery is a contemporary art space in Brixton, London, established in 2012. The gallery showcases a distinctive program which brings together international artists with strong narratives and an intimate relationship with their medium. The gallery maintains a balance of female and male artists, and follows a culturally diverse program.
Gallery director Rufus has extensive experience of the contemporary art scene, having worked for galleries such as Waddington,Victoria Miro, Alison Jacques and as assistant to the artist Michael Craig-Martin.

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