Playback Tour Celebrates The Work Of Emerging Artist Filmmakers

Over 140 short films made by up and coming artist filmmakers from across England will be showcased in Playback, a touring interactive exhibition.

From narrative films about drag queens, super-heroes, job centres and zombies to animated stories that feature talking goldfish and radioactive snails, the work on display fizzes with energy and excitement.

Poetry and spoken word features in films about feminism, age, young black women, the prison system and the shipyards of the North East. Powerful films with a focus on dance are seen alongside surreal and comic tales. Each three minute film creates an astonishingly powerful mini-world.

Covering a wide variety of disciplines and mediums, the work on show reflects the concerns and vision of young people working with film today. Hand-drawn animations tell the story of Syrian refugees rescued by Greek fisherman whilst explorations of cities like Manchester, London and Birmingham are seen alongside imagined futures and digital worlds.

Thought-proving, evocative and visually stunning Playback highlights bold expressions of creativity by emerging and future talent. Subject matter and approaches are diverse from racial identity and relationships to identity and fashion. Visitors can select films by category or choose from curated show reels.

The filmmakers and artists come from across England and this is reflected in the work shown, filmmakers were selected following an open call. The programme is open to anyone between the ages of 16 – 24 who wants to make a film. Many of those selected have now embarked on successful careers with film studios, in the fashion and music industries and in the art world.

‘Playback draws on the positives of a culture that is increasingly dominated by images and a generation that is highly literate in digital media and film. Young people are often criticised for spending too much time on their phones or screens, but Playback allows young people from all walks of life and backgrounds, to communicate and express their ideas and creativity through the medium of film.’ Corinne Orton – Playback

Playback is supported by Arts Council England and Channel 4 Random Acts. The exhibition will be on show across the country in a variety of exciting venues from major art galleries and cinemas to international film festivals.

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