Lifelong Activist & Artist Gilly Szego Holds Retrospective at Protein Studios

Renowned painter and life-long activist, Gilly Szego is holding a retrospective of her life’s work at Protein Studios in December.

The work of Szego, acclaimed for raising the plight of refugees and gender issues, has never been more relevant in the world we are facing today.

Szego has been painting since training at Byam Shaw in the 1940s, with her first work displayed at the Festival of Britain in 1951, and her most recent exhibition, Opposites: Conflict and the Human Mind, exploring cognitive dissonance was shown last year.

Throughout her life her work has always defied her age, and her gender. Now 85 years old, even her earliest work often looks as if it could have been painted last week, particularly her 1970s pieces on the plight of refugees.

Although much of her work has been shown in solo exhibitions, or part of collections, including at the Royal Academy, The Mall Galleries, East London Gallery and the Loggia Gallery, this retrospective exhibition will contain pieces that never been exhibited in public before. It also contains work by other artists including a portrait of Szego by Feliks Topolski.

The retrospective will give a whole new generation of art-lovers the chance to discover and experience her challenging work.

Gilly Szego: A Retrospective runs until 12 December 2017 at Protein Studios, New Inn Yard, Shoreditch.


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