Jack Bullen Returns to Brocket London With His Collaborative Painting Project, Totentanz

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Returning to Brocket London with the greatly anticipated second chapter of his recent collaboration with Italian dance artist, Agnese Lanza, Jack Bullen presents paintings, monotypes and installation transcribing Hans Holbein’s Dance of Deat h, or, Totentanz .

Bullen and Lanza have collaborated for many years to develop and interpret the theories of Austro-Hungarian Movement Analyst, Rudolph Laban (1879-1958), exploring how to transfer his principles on to the canvas. Totentanz is their latest study of Laban’s practise that sees the artists transcribe the macabre Renaissance woodblock prints through multiple mediums that ultimately provide the basis for a body of exceptional painted works and gallery installation.

With this series, Bullen has complimented the abstract movement of his central characters with colour theory and alchemical history. Working with the backdrops of early Renaissance masterpieces, as homage to Holbein, and fabricated using techniques of that time, the artist combines pigment properties and colour association, with symbolism and planetary attributes to identify not only the weight, speed and dynamism of each character, but also their associated personality traits. An eight-panel folding screen will create a 3-dimensional arena in which to engage with 2-dimemsional imagery through a bold reinterpretation of Holbein’s The Ambassador’s.

A full colour catalogue accompanies this exhibition with contributions from experts in Laban’s practise, including one of his first students at a dance school he established for children of the Kindertransport. A night-time solo performance by Agnese Lanza will take place at the gallery, publicly viewable through the window to passers by. An Artist Breakfast will take place towards the end of the exhibition run.

Jack Bullen is an alumnus of City & Guilds of London Art School where he continues to work and where his exploration of movement began, inspired by his mother’s career as a contemporary dancer. He is a practising painter and printmaker with a studio in South East London. He established Brocket Gallery London with Lizzie Glendinning in 2014, supporting early to mid-career artists. He is also Director of Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, the UK’s largest original print exhibition.

J A C K B U L L E N // T O T E N T A N Z

21 MAR – 05 MAY 2018

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