Imitate Modern presents “Visionary Fashion” by Chloe Trujillo

This month Imitate Modern will be hosting LA-based artist Chloe Trujillo with her exhibition “Visionary Fashion,” running during London Fashion Week, and combining the best of the two worlds of art and fashion. This exhibition will be the first of its kind for Imitate Modern, as it will be the first exhibition with a visionary artist, and the first show that will focus entirely on wearable art, displaying Trujillo’s collection of silk scarves on the gallery walls. The unique display will immerse the viewer into the world of Chloe Trujillo – a visionary artist, musician, fashion designer, rock star mother, and wife of legendary Metallica’s bassist Robert Trujillo.

Chloe Trujillo’s scarves are as unique and precious as they are meaningful works of art. Made in Italy from the finest materials, they are finished with hand roll stitching and feature elements, symbols and inscriptions from various paintings created by Chloe. Trujillo projects her synaesthetic visions into her art and designs, infusing the pieces with love and excitement that she feels whilst creating. Her work is influenced by elements of alchemy, mysticism and esoteric art forms.

Chloe Trujillo grew up being surrounded by art, she was raised in Paris by fashion designer parents and an opera singer grandfather. However, being fascinated by science, she chose to study matter structure and quantum mechanics in university, until the spirit of art called her back and she focused on creating music and art. The artist herself will be present in London during the week that the exhibition will be on.

Chloe Trujillo is herself like a work of art with her exceptionally long hair (which she never cut since the day she was born!!!), her tattoos and the way she wears her silk scarves in the most creative and original ways. Some have suggested her hair styles are like a living ever-evolving sculpture. There is no doubt Chloe is very serious about her art and lives naturally with her creations, which she is eager to show and share.
We at Imitate Modern always aim to show art that is fresh and different, which will undoubtedly be the case with “Visionary Fashion.” Chloe Trujillo’s exhibition is going to be one of Imitate Modern’s first shows at the new space in Shepherd Market, Mayfair and will hence mark a new era for the gallery, a journey on which we hope many of our friends will join us and which will be a beginning of many new discoveries and adventures.

Chloe Trujillo
“Visionary Fashion”
February 18th – 25th, 2017

Imitate Modern |19 Shepherd Market | Mayfair |London | W1J 7PJ

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