CURATOR’S COLUMN: Luc Waring at Imitate Modern, March 16th – 27th


Young British artist Luc Waring is admired for his ability to persistently question the relationship between a contemporary society and luxury branding. Waring’s solo-exhibition entitled Registered Trademarks explores how we, both as individuals and a society have internally registered luxury branding through advertisements. The exhibition will commence on 16th March and is on show until 27th March.

For this exhibition, Waring’s major source of influence comes from today’s advertisements, which he considers to be the international ready-mades of today. As Duchamp used the urinal as his everyday ‘ready-made’, Waring explains: “I use the most commonly viewed phenomena in our environment: advertisements. To me, these are internationally relevant ‘ready-mades’ of today.”

The source materials for this exhibition range from a 1970s Dior campaign to today’s most recent fashion photography shown in Vogue. Academically, advertisements have been categorised as ‘low art’, as opposed to the ‘high art’ shown in galleries and museums. As a continuation from artists such as Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, this exhibition blurs the academic distinction between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art. This depth, and move away from a focus on the ‘craft’ came about as Waring begun to create satirically charged artworks which aim to explore the notions of identity, consumerism and branding. Waring views this as a turning point for him as an artist, from being concerned with aesthetics to a new awareness of the socio-political concepts that his artwork portrays today.

In 2013, Waring had his first major Fine Art show at The Courtauld Gallery, where his art hung alongside Monet, Van Gogh and Gaugin. This was the first exhibition in which The Courtauld Gallery had exhibited living artists, securing a name for Waring in the Fine Art World. In the same year, Imitate Modern exhibited Luc Waring’s debut solo-show Who Do You Think You Are? – a portrayal of his socio-political journey, whereby his socially engaged works dealt with a range of topics dealing with everything from contemporary political issues, to the mainstream celebrity culture.

In the last few years, Waring has expanded his use of different mediums, far beyond the foundations in Street Art. He has been working closely with photo-etching, collage, screen-printing, lithography, aerosol and stencil, in addition to experimenting with dark room developing, cloths, video and music. Ultimately, Waring’s style has evolved from his roots in Street Art and Pop Art to his more recent love and respect for the ideas and style of Abstract Expressionism and European Modernism. These works illustrate Waring’s six-year journey as a professional artist, both stylistically and conceptually.


Luc Waring

Registered Trademarks

 16th March – 27th March 2017

Imitate Modern | 19 Shepherd Market | Mayfair | London | W1J 7PJ

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