Curator’s Column: Carson Lancaster at Delphian Gallery

Delphian Gallery was started in 2013 by artist Benjamin Murphy and photographer Nick JS Thompson, and since that time has held numerous exhibitions in many different locations.
Says Benjamin Murphy ‘the ethos of the from the very beginning has been to try and curate the types of exhibitions that we would like to go to, but that weren’t really on offer from the current curatorial community. Since starting out we have been fortunate enough to have been able to work with a lot of our favourite artists, many of whom who hadn’t exhibited in London prior to our working with them.’
In this exclusive piece for After Nyne, Murphy explains the philosophy behind their latest exhibition with artist Carson Lancaster
Carson Lancaster is a photographer that we at Delphian Gallery have admired for some time, ever since we saw the short documentary about his work entitled ‘The Gallerist.’

His approach to photography is one of a sincere and honest appreciation of the feculent urban beauty we find ourselves surrounded by, even if its beauty is obscured at first sight. This chimes perfectly with the Delphian Gallery ethos, and so we simply had to work with him.

Lost Coast is a deeply personal project that he created whilst undertaking a five day hike with his two older brothers along the most desolate part of the California coastline. It is a series of photographs that was never intended to be shown, and this has instilled the works with an intimacy that is immediately compelling. The dark and brooding, atmospheric landscapes are cinematic to the fullest degree, and the figures that sometimes feature seem both utterly lost and completely content. The hike is both pilgrimage and adventure, and the show is the physical document of a trip we weren’t invited on and can never experience. 

Lost Coast asks us to consider moments forgotten and moments that could have been, encouraging us to embrace our vulnerability in seizing adventure.

It is a show we feel very proud to be involved in, and we hope anyone else who experiences it is filled with the same wanderlust as we were when we first saw the works so many weeks ago.

People like Carson Lancaster stand out because we had no connection with him before seeing his work online, and we feel very lucky to have been able to bring him over to London for Lost Coast.
Lost Coast  | Carson Lancaster
Private​ ​view:​​ ​11​th​​ ​January​ ​2018,​ ​7:30pm​ ​–​ ​10:00pm
Show​ ​Run:​​ ​12​th​​ ​–​ ​24​th​​ ​January​ ​2017
Address:​​ ​74​ ​Kingsland​ ​Rd,​ ​London,​ ​E2​ ​8DL Opening​ ​Times:​​ ​Mon-Fri,​ ​9am-7pm
Website:​​ ​​
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