Casting the Abstract: Rachel Whiteread at Tate Britain

There’s always an element of childlike fascination accompanying Rachel Whiteread’s casts of hot water bottles, doors, wallpaper, a chicken shed, or even entire houses. In revealing hidden negative space Whiteread inverts perspective; the everyday becomes … Read More

Politics of Vision: Nine Minutes with Marine Hugonnier

Marine Hugonnier’s latest exhibition ‘Ties II: Pietro Consagra and Marine Hugonnier’ at the Italian Cultural Institute saw an unbuttoning of deep-rooted cultural frameworks, forging new relationships between viewer and artwork. Curated by ARTUNER, the exhibition … Read More

Modern Myths: Nine Minutes with Sophie Ryder

Returning to Hignell Gallery during Frieze week, British sculptor Sophie Ryder reveals new drawings and sculptures, opening up a spellbinding world of hybridized forms and mythical creatures. Visitors will be immersed in ‘Temple to 200 Rabbits’, a multi-sensory instillation of 200 … Read More