Art for All: Hannah Place Introduces PLACE A


PLACE A is a new organization claiming that Art is a tool, and aiming to draw London together to use and celebrate it.

On February 23rd PLACE A will launch with an Art Party and exhibition at Blighty India Café near Seven Sisters station.

Picture a party where artists are creating work in front of you whilst people talk and mingle to upbeat music from the DJ. Artworks are exhibited by artists there in the room. Stories are told by people using creativity to change lives. Art is a powerful thing and this launch party aims to show you why.

‘We want to create an utterly inspiring space. A place for things to start.’

PLACE A has founded to use art to directly address issues of inequality in London, both within the arts world a beyond.

We’ve already seen repeatedly this year in the headlines that women are still being underpaid, that the arts are far from representative of BAME, and Lammy’s Justice report last year was proof enough that inequality is still a big issue.

The huge question is what do we do?

That’s where it gets interesting, because that’s where PLACE A is looking at you. Collaboration is the name of the game. The party on Feb 23rd launches an open network where ideas for ‘art with action’ come from the community, and anyone can be a part. You needn’t be an artist yourself. Just someone who wants something different.

There are clearly things to fix. PLACE A aims to be a response to those things by proposing a new democratic structuring of the Arts world in which social progress and engagement is valued.

In Tottenham, where PLACE A launches, there is a vast potential to collaborate because the area is brimming with artists, but missing one thing: a network which connects these artists with the community.

All that’s needed is a starting point and PLACE A proposes to be that starting point.

Once 100 tickets are sold 20% of the proceeds will go to Art4Grenfell and the rest will be used to create a network which supports artists in creating change with their work.

You can get involved by coming to the event on Feb 23rd at Blighty India Cafe, Seven Sisters, Tottenham. Tickets can be purchased via-
the facebook page:
or the Eventbrite page:

For anyone who can’t make the event but would like to be a part of the network you can email with ‘JOIN’ in the subject line to receive the newsletter zine about upcoming events, opportunities to support and get involved, find people for your own projects, and hear about the impacting things being done by artists within the PLACE A community.

PLACE A will also launch a podcast in conversation with artists about how a better world can be built, and broadcasting opportunities to get involved.

Because art is a social resource, so let’s use it.

Hannah Place is founding director of PLACE A.

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